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Family Income Benefit

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What is it?

Family Income Benefit (FIB) is one of the most useful and best value protection products you can buy. Rather than providing a lump sum if you were to die it provides a regular, tax-free, monthly income for your dependants – from the time of the claim to the end of the plan term. This means that the level of the cover reduces over time as the plan will only pay out when and if a claim is made up until the end of the policy.

Who is it for?

It’s ideal for young families, and for those who need more cover than they can afford right now; it is attractive to those who would want to know that in the event of their death, their family would have a regular monthly income and would not have to worry about making complex investment decisions and taxation to make the most of a lump sum payout. In any event, few people with young families are able to afford sufficient lump sum cover to properly provide for their dependents income needs, especially when bringing up a family puts pressure on their budget.

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