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What Is A Lifetime Mortgage?

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A lifetime mortgage is a mortgage taken out on a property that does not have to be repaid until the borrower dies or has to go into long-term care.

A lifetime mortgage allows you to release some of the equity that you’ve accumulated in your home over the years, so you can benefit from it now.

Who are lifetime mortgages for?

People who take out lifetime mortgages tend to be over the age of 55, and in a position where they have built up considerable equity in their property.

There are several types of lifetime mortgages, and they work in different ways.

Depending on what kind of lifetime mortgage you choose, you may have to make regular capital and / or interest repayments on your loan or have interest calculated and added to the overall cost of the loan – in which case, the total amount owed must be repaid upon your death (or when you enter long-term care)

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